Opt for wisdom tooth removal and get rid of discomfort

Are you struggling with the discomfort of emerging wisdom teeth? If so, you are not alone because numerous people experience the same issue. Today dentistry has made significant development, and it is possible to extract molars. Typically, wisdom teeth appear in the late teens or early twenties. When the wisdom teeth are properly aligned and healthy, then they turn out to be an asset. However, if there is a shortage of space for them to grow, they can cause problems. By embracing suitable solutions, you can get relief from the discomfort. At the best International City dental clinic, the dentists make use of the latest technology to find out the best solutions for dental issues.


The origin of the wisdom tooth

Our early ancestors consumed raw meat and other tough foods that were hard to chew. However, in the modern era, our diet has changed. Now, the extra molars are less necessary. Due to dietary changes, the size of the human jaw has changed. In a small jaw, there is no room for the wisdom teeth to fit comfortably. Obviously, when there is insufficient space in the mouth for these late-blooming molars, discomfort is likely to appear.


The signs that indicate that the wisdom tooth needs attention


Severe pain and discomfort

If continuous pain and discomfort are erupting in the back of your mouth, then it clearly indicates a problem with your wisdom teeth.


Difficulty in maintaining hygiene

If you are experiencing any difficulty in cleaning the hard-to-reach wisdom teeth, then it is time to consult with the dentist.



If swelling is visible, then it indicates the presence of infection that has affected your wisdom teeth.


Why is removing the wisdom teeth a suitable solution?


  • As wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, they can become a breeding ground for the bacteria. So, there are high chances of infection. Hence, in order to minimize the risk of infection, the wisdom teeth should be removed. At the best dental clinic in International City, the dentist can easily extract the wisdom teeth by using the latest methods.


  • The delayed arrival of the wisdom tooth can cause problems. The existing teeth can shift from their position. It can culminate in bite problems and other health issues can also appear.


  • As the wisdom teeth do not emerge fully, they are prone to impaction. There is a big possibility that the wisdom tooth can cause infection, pain as well damage to the surrounding teeth.


The wisdom tooth removal cost Dubai is affordable, and it is important to extract it through the latest dental procedures. Wisdom tooth removal also helps to alleviate headaches, chronic pain or sinus pressure that is caused due to overcrowding in the mouth. If a wisdom tooth is causing any discomfort, then schedule your appointment at the best dental clinic and discuss the best extraction options with your dentist. With the help of a little proactive dental care, you can easily maintain your bright, healthy smile. Just follow your dentist’s guidance, and it will ensure a successful and comfortable healing process.

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