Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost Dubai

Wisdom tooth removal cost Dubai

How does it work?

The final four sets of teeth to grow in a lifetime are known as wisdom teeth. Most people typically feel severe discomfort during its eruption. The primary causes of the pains are decay carried on by complications during brushing or narrower areas during the eruption. The affected tooth is either removed or treated depending on the circumstances. The wisdom tooth removal cost in Dubai generally starts from 600 AED and might vary as per the tooth condition.

What happens during a wisdom tooth extraction?

The last set of four teeth that emerge from the mouth, which is relatively larger, is called the wisdom teeth. These teeth, which are also known as caller molars, typically develop between the ages of 17 and 25. Pain could result from the wisdom tooth’s eruption or growth. Extremely painful, a damaged wisdom tooth requires appropriate medical care.


A surgical technique called wisdom tooth extraction is used to remove impacted wisdom teeth from the rear. The dentist will recommend tooth extraction if the impacted wisdom tooth is painful or causing other dental problems. However, at Smart Smile Dental Care Centre you will get excellent treatment with affordable wisdom tooth removal costs in Dubai.

What is the reason behind wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal
Wisdom tooth removal cost in dubai
Wisdom tooth removal

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Your mouth will be carefully examined by the dentist when you visit the Smart Smile Dental Centre. They can comprehend the case’s intricacy thanks to the examination. The treatment will then begin.

Anesthesia: Before your wisdom tooth extraction, a local anesthetic will be infused to numb the area around the tooth and the surrounding area. Rarely is the use of a general sedative necessary for wisdom teeth removal. It might occasionally be used if the strategy is carried out in an emergency clinic. However, you should still have the choice to go home on the same day as the procedure in this scenario.

Tooth Extraction: The dentist will take the wisdom tooth when you experience numbness in the mouth and cheek region. The tooth removal process won’t hurt you. However, you can feel a slight pulling pressure. To stop the bleeding from the extraction wound, the dentist will apply a medicated gauze.

The numbness following wisdom tooth extraction could last between 30 and 2 hours. After the extraction, you may have little to no pain. Your doctor could suggest that you quit using that jaw side to chew meals. You can carry on with your regular activities despite this.