How to safely and quickly have a wisdom tooth extraction

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Causes of Wisdom teeth


  • Wisdom teeth begin to appear in the age group that ranges between 15 and 25 years. While people older than 30 years do not face any problems. A person develops a buried wisdom tooth as a result of several factors but a is not enough space for it which leads to the growth of the gum tissue around it.
  • Increases the risk of gingivitis also sometimes wisdom teeth appear inverted in the wrong direction so they may appear at an angle to the side of nearby teeth. Or may appear lying at a right angle to the other teeth or it may appear up.
  • Sometimes the wisdom teeth may erupt partially. So only a part of it is visible. In this case, it is called partially impacted a wisdom tooth remaining completely hidden inside the gum. And not appearing normally can sometimes lead to an infection.
  • The Bony abutment also partially protruding from the gum creates an opening that may become a spot for bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infections this is because this area is difficult to see.

Symptoms of Wisdom teeth


Symptoms sometimes an impacted tooth doesn’t cause any problems but other times it can cause infections to the gum. When that happens the patient may have some symptoms like headache affecting the ear and lower head pain or swelling around the jaw swollen gums bad breath a bad taste in the mouth and difficulty opening the mouth.


Treatment for Wisdom teeth


  • Many dentists believe that wisdom teeth should be extracted as they will cause problems in the future. So doing it at a younger age is easier before the roots and bone are fully developed. So, the recovery after surgery will be generally faster. Therefore, some young adults undergo wisdom teeth extractions before they cause any problems.

Impacted wisdom tooth has to come out. A comprehensive oral exam and x-rays are taken and surgery is done, in-office, with intravenous sedation. The dentist at Smart Smile DC treats in a wonderful way and fairly charges for the wisdom tooth removal cost Dubai.  They use a scalpel to make an incision behind the tooth nearest to the impacted wisdom tooth and extend that incision a little more along the gum.  The gum tissue is pulled back and the wisdom tooth is removed.

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