Wisdom tooth extraction without a hitch!

A winsome smile can win one’s heart & uplift the mood. Indubitably, it has played a significant role in everyone’s life. It’s like medicine, if you’re feeling blue, just smile with your mouth wide open. However, the problem arises when you have issues with your oral health. Your teeth play a role in giving shape to your cheeks and mouth, so if you’re concerned about it & facing any issues just look for International City Dental Clinic, Dubai.

 Everyone wants to take a snapshot whether you’re a common man or a public figure. Your mainstay is your teeth when you smile. People often get embarrassed when they open their mouth.

Issues faced with tooth

There are various issues related to teeth that are matters of concern. It can be a stained tooth, crooked tooth, wisdom tooth, gum problems, gapping etc.

Does a wisdom tooth bring wisdom or bring pain?

The wisdom tooth appears between the ages of 17 and 25. They are called third molars. These four sets of teeth show up when one is older and wiser that’s why it’s termed a wisdom tooth.

Easy extraction of wisdom tooth

The size of wisdom teeth is larger than other teeth & this is the reason they are extremely painful and cause a lot of problems. Here the need arises to extract them. So, if you are in the quest for a standard clinic to get easy removal of wisdom teeth then look no further than Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost Dubai.

Causes behind wisdom tooth removal

 When wisdom tooth turns up, it creates issues like-

  • It collides with other teeth which makes cutting and chewing difficult.
  • Due to its big size, it doesn’t get ample space which also causes trouble.
  • It’s quite irritating and can hurt gums.
  • Problem with brushing

All these problems can be resolved at Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost Dubai. Expert dentists attend to the clients’ properly and then recommend them for wisdom tooth removal.

Process of removal

When you don’t take care of your teeth it starts decaying and invites various other oral problems. If one has excruciating toothache, temporary relief can be given through medicine or by dental cleaning but if a wisdom tooth shows up and there is no proper space for it. Then doctors suggest to extract it.

This wisdom tooth pulling is painful but it has been made easy by our highly trained professionals at Smart Smile DC Dubai. The procedure has two steps-

  • anaesthesia
  • tooth extraction

First doctors inject the area where the wisdom tooth lies to make it numb so that the patient doesn’t feel pain. When the area gets numb you don’t feel pain then the dentist pulls the teeth out in a smart way.

After that, he applies medicine to that area to stop bleeding. Precautions must be taken into consideration after wisdom tooth extraction.

State-of-the-art tools

Whether it is a surgical procedure or any other treatment regarding teeth, Best teeth whitening clinic in dubai and Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost Dubai uses ultra-modern tools & machines that convert the painful process into a painless one.

Clients satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the prime goal of our dedicated team. One can laid back after availing of our high-quality services, we hear our clients closely and suggest the best treatments.


The treatment given in Smart Small DC Dubai is outstanding as well as affordable. So, don’t think much make your appointment if you’re having dental issues and get it resolved.

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